Privacy Policy

  • The Responsibility: 

The User accepts full responsibility for the use of the Services available to the extent that the system permits and for legitimate purposes only and shall refrain all that is irregular, and is fully responsible for knowledge and action of any of the laws, regulations, rules or provisions relating to the use of the Application.

They also undertake to do the necessary to manage their account and update their data to benefit from the service as required.  Also, they acknowledge their obligation to maintain the confidentiality of their accounts, information and dealings, and their obligation to protect them from disclosure, misuse or hacking by them or by any entity or person by them.

The user acknowledges due diligence not to commit any mistakes or defects directly or indirectly, that may damage, harm or obscure the benefit from the provided services or to be caused during or through the use.  Also, they shall be accountable of others for any unauthorized or unregistered use and to inform the application immediately when noticing any resemblance to use or if they have an argument to believe so

  • Disclaimer: 

It should be noted that the application does not represent a governmental entity and does not necessarily mean the exact definitive information and guidance it contains and may change periodically and be corrected or modified as the case may be without prior notice.  the operators of the application will not bear any liability whatsoever.

Although services are available at all times and are provided as they are, the application is not responsible for providing the service with the usual quality, speed or performance, nor does it guarantee that the provided service is free of errors and defects. Neither can the application guarantee the results that the user will receive from using the application or the incidental, indirect, punitive, exemplary or emerging damages that may arise due to their use or inability to use the application. Therefore, under no circumstances that the application would be liable for any damage or malfunction of the Service for reasons beyond its control or without limitation or default.

The correspondence shall take place inside the platform. Otherwise, the platform notes its right to take appropriate action.

  • Privacy policy:

The application has the absolute right to collect users' data provided by them. The service provider may have to hire other companies to perform tasks that are not within the purview of the service provider and may require access to users' personal data to perform their functions and duties, including but not limited to (geographical location / language / operating system), but it should not be used for other purposes.

The application shall guarantee not to sell, share or lease personal data to third parties (except as provided herein) without the user's consent.

The User input of the required data to benefit from the service is regarded as a consent for the application to collect the entered data. If the user does not agree to this privacy policy, they should not accept this document

  • Termination of use:

Application shall have all the entire right according to its discretion, to terminate or suspend the beneficiary's access to the application without notice and for any reason including infringement of these terms or for any act which might be considered by the Application violate or to harm others. Upon termination, the beneficiary will no longer be able to access the application and the application may use every possible means to enforce such prohibition.

  • Compensation for misuse:

The application is not responsible in any case for any damage or loss arising from user's breach of the terms and conditions of this document.  The user undertakes to notify the Service Provider immediately and not to disclose information that may harm the Service Provider or its users in the event of any possible impact on the Service.  The beneficiary acknowledges by agreeing to compensate the application in the event of breaching this document.